Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Afternoon Main Camp Scrimmage Results

The two Sunday afternoon scrimmages are now in the books.  They played two 30 minute periods, with the final 10 minutes of the second period stop time.  Here are the summaries.

Team Red 5 Team Black 4

1st Period
Team Red: Carson Samoridny (Jake Virtanen, Spencer Humphries) 2:16
Team Red: Carson Samoridny (2) (Chase Clayton, Tyler Chavez-Leech) 7:30
Team Red: Mark Logan (Maverick Rafter, Nolan Parrington) 8:58

2nd Period
Team Red: Chase Clayton (Penalty Shot) 14:09
Team Black: Elliot Peterson (Keegan Milligan, Carter Coben) 14:29
Team Black: Greg Chase (Penalty Shot) 17:19
Team Red: Maverick Rafter (Chase Clayton, Austin Calladine) 28:54
Team Black: Pavlo Padakin (Trevor Cheek) 23:29
Team Black: Alex Gogolev (Ryan Duret) 24:18

Team Red:  Jacob Ruissen 30mins 12/12, Mack Shields 30mins 6/10
Team Black: Cole Forbes 30mins 13/16, Evan Johnson 30mins 18/20

                  Chase Clayton and Brady Brassart share a laugh during Team Red's victory

Team White 4 Team Copper 0

1st Period
Team White: Carter Suski (victor Rask) 5:47

2nd Period
Team White: Hudson Morrison (unassisted) 17:50
Team White: Victor Rask (unassisted) 20:52
Team White: Logan Franz (Devin Nemes, Taylor Balog) 23:00

Team White: Kyle Michalovsky 30mins 12/12, Gavin Klassen 30mins 7/7
Team Copper: Chris Driedger 30mins 14/15, Carson Franks 30mins 16/19

                  Scouts Rich Dusevic and Joe Kazeil helped guide Team White to victory

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