Friday, 24 August 2012

Hitmen Rookies Fitness Tested

Calgary Hitmen Rookie Camp kicked off Thursday night with registration and fitness testing for the rookies.

A total of 79 player (age 15 and 16) were tested in five different categories.  They included the following:  135lb Bench Press, Chin Ups, Curl Ups, Broad Jump and Beep-Test.

Here were the leaders in each category:

Bench Press
Kyle Lissel 23 reps

Chin Ups
Geordie Keane 23

Curl Ups (Also known as Sit-ups)
Ben Shushkovsky 79

Broad Jump
Cole Zimmerman 254 centimetres

Beep-Test (An endurance running test)
Lawson McDonald, Addison Bazian, Andrew Jack and Shaun Cook all got to level 12.

The rookies now scrimmage until Saturday afternoon when a number of them will be promoted to main camp which opens Saturday night with fitness testing for the vets.  I'll be at all main camp scrimmages posting scoring summaries.

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