Sunday, 26 August 2012

Sunday Morning Main Camp Scrimmage Results

Main camp scrimmages kicked this morning with a pair of games.  Both were two 30 minutes straight time periods.  Here are the results.

Team Black 4 Team White 2

1st Period
No Scoring

2nd Period
Team White: Victor Rask (unassisted) 7:40
Team Black: Alex Farquhar (Alex Gogolev) 10:42
Team Black: Greg Chase (Trevor Cheek) 14:38
Team Black: Dylan Flutter (Trevor Cheek) 18:28
Team White: Matt McLeod (Danny Gayle) 19:15
Team Black: Alex Gogolev (Greg Chase) 27:03

Team Black: Evan Johnson 30mins 16/16, Cole Forbes 30mins 9/11
Team White: Gavin Klassen 30mins 17/17, Kyle Michalovsky 30mins 9/13

Team Red 4  Team Copper 1

1st period
Team Red: Mark Logan (unassisted) 2:56
Team Red: Jake Virtanen (unassisted) 22:30
Team Red: Chase Clayton (unassisted) 26:56

2nd period
Team Red:  Jake Virtanen (2) (unassisted) 18:40
Team Copper: Riley Derlago (Loch Morrison) 22:20

Team Red: Mack Shields 30mins 12/12, Jacob Ruissen 30mins 13/14
Team Copper: Carson Franks 30mins 12/15, Chris Driedger 30mins 20/21

There are two more scrimmages this afternoon.  Scoring summaries will be posted after the second game.

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