Monday, 27 August 2012

Monday Scrimmages

The Calgary Hitmen main camp roster has been cut from four teams down to three leaving 62 players divided into three teams.  In Monday's first scrimmage (2-30 min periods with the last 10 mins of period two stop time) a shootout was needed to decide the winner.  Here is the summary

Team White 4 Team Black 3 (Shootout)

1st Period
Team White: Carter Suski (Pavlo Padakin) 9:36
Team White: Trevor Cheek (Carter Suski, Riley Derlago) 25:30

2nd Period
Team Black: Carter Coben (Nicco Marcanato, Daylon Creasy) 5:21
Team Black: Calder Brooks (Austin Calladine) 17:33
Team White: Carson Samoridny (Matt Foster, Hudson Morrison) 20:34
Team Black: Mark Logan (Calder Brooks) 27:19

Team White:
Carson Samoridny-Goal
Pavlo Padakin-Goal
Terrell Draude-No Goal
Matt Foster-Game Winning Goal

Team Black:
Cody Sylvester-No Goal
Garrett Johnston-Goal
Austin Calladine-No Goal

Team White: Kyle Michalovsky 30mins 15/15, Evan Johnson 30mins 14/17
Team Black: Mack Shields 30mins 14/16, Jacob Ruissen 30mins 16/17

The second game of the day also needed a shootout to decide the winner.  Here is the summary.

Team Red 6 Team Black 5 (Shootout)

1st Period
Team Black: Alex Roach (Darian Henry) :20
Team Red: Dylan Fluter (Danny Gayle) 1:05
Team Red: Josh Smith (Chase Clayton) 12:11

2nd Period
Team Black: Darian Henry (Austin Calladine, Calder Brooks) 3:08
Team Red: Anthony Conti (Cameron Preymack) 14:00
Team Red: Chase Clayton (Spencer Humphries) 19:19
Team Black: Daylon Creasy (unassisted) 20:29
Team Red: Greg Chase (Keegan Thompson, Marshall Donald) 24:24
Team Black: Brooks Macek (Calder Brooks, Keaton Lubin) 29:43
Team Black: Brooks Macek (2) (Ryley Bennefield, Keaton Lubin) 29:42

Team Red:
Nick Anderson-No Goal
Anthony Conti-No Goal
Josh Smith-No Goal
Cameron Preymack-No Goal
Alex Gogolev-Game Winning Goal

Team Black:
Keaton Lubin-No Goal
Daylon Creasy-No Goal
Matt MacLeod-No Goal
Tayler Balog-No Goal
Ryley Bennefield-No Goal

Team Red: Chris Driedger 30mins 9/10, Cole Forbes 30mins 11/15
Team Black: Jacob Ruissen 30mins 12/14, Mack Shields 28:48 8/11

                                     Alex Gogolev who scored the shootout winner

The final game of the day did not need a shootout but instead saw a shutout.  Here is the summary.

Team White 4 Team Red 0

1st Period
Team White: Tyler Borstmayer (Jaynen Rissling, Trevor Cheek) 11:38
Team White: Pavlo Padakin (Colby Harmsworth) 27:16

2nd Period
Team White: Jaynen Rissling (Brady Brassart, Victor Rask) 15:05
Team White: Riley Derlago (Trevor Cheek) 28:34

Team White: Evan Johnson 30mins 7/7, Kyle Michalovsky 30mins 21/21
Team Red: Cole Forbes 30mins 12/14, Chris Driedger 30mins 17/19

                          Jaynen Rissling had a goal and an assist in Team White's win

The annual Black vs. White Intra-Squad game goes Tuesday from 11 to 1:30 at Don Hartman North East Sportsplex.  Admission is FREE!

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