Friday, 30 September 2011

Main Camp Scrimmages Day 1 - August 29, 2011

You'll notice the names of Michael Snider and Chris Driedger are both absent from the scoring summaries.  Both goalies are sidelined for the time being.  Snider just had his wisdom teeth removed, while Driedger has an ankle injury.

Here the results of all four intra-squad games today.  All games featured two 25 minute stop time periods with penalty shots awarded instead of powerplays.

Team White 11 vs. Team Black 10 Shootout Final at 8:30am
1st Half
Team Black: Kenton Miller (unassisted)
Team White: Adam Helewka (Luke Simpson)
Team White: Rob Newton (Greg Chase, Brooks Macek)
Team White: Brooks Macek (Brady Brassert, Tanner Clark)
Team Black: Cody Sylvester (Mack Wallace)
Team Black: Kenton Miller 2 (Rob Trzonkowski, Justin Valentino)
Team White: Luke Simpson (Alex Roach)
Team Black: Quinn Peplinski (Jaynen Rissling, Danny Gayle)
Team Black: Ryan Duret (Elliot Peterson)

2nd Half
Team White: Luke Simpson 2 (Tanner Clark, Brady Brassert)
Team Black: Keegan Thompson (Chase Lang)
Team Black: Cody Sylvester 2 (Quinn Peplinski)
Team White: John Lawrence (Adam Helewka, Logan O'Connor)
Team White: Calder Brooks (Spencer Humphries)

Team Black                          Team White
Ryan Duret - Goal                 Adam Helewka - Goal
Josh Thrower - No goal          Calder Brooks - No goal
Tyler Coultrer - Goal              Greg Chase - No goal
Elliot Peterson - No goal        Logan O'Connor - Goal
Ben Thomas - No goal           Brady Brassert - No goal
Quinn Peplinski - Goal           Braden Oleksyn - Goal
Keegan Thompson - No goal   Jade McMullen - Goal

Team White: Mitchell Wiebe 16/21, Mack Shields 15/17 + 4/7 in shootout
Team Black: Gage Murray 22/26, Jacob Ruissen 18/21 + 3/7 in shootout

Team Red 6 vs. Team Copper 3 at 10:15am
1st Half
Team Copper: Trevor Cheek (Jimmy Bubnick, Scott Gall)
Team Red: Alexander Gogolev (Nathan Deyell)
Team Red: Alexander Gogolev 2 (Daylon Creasy)
Team Red: Chase Clyaton (Jake Virtanen)

2nd Half
Team Red: Alexander Gogolev 3 (penalty shot)
Team Copper: Brendan Santini (Kyle Schmidt, Brandon Bruce)
Team Red: Nathan MacMaster (Justin Kirsch)
Team Copper: Tanner Jago (penalty shot)
Team Red: Chase Clayton 2 (Alexander Gogolev, Keaton Lubin)

Team Red: Brandon Glover 14/15, Kyle Michalovsky 19/21
Team Copper: Evan Johnson 5/8, Cole Forbes 14/16

Team Black 8 vs. Team Red 4 at 1:00pm
1st Half
Team Black: Rob Trzonkowski (Danny Gayle)
Team Black: Kenton Miller (Ryan Duret, Ben Thomas)
Team Black: Ryan Duret (Kenton Miller)

2nd Half
Team Black: Cody Sylvester (Rob Trzonkowski)
Team Red: Alexander Gogolev (Luke Gordon, Keaton Lubin)
Team Red: Alexander Gogolev 2 (Justin Kirsch)
Team Black: Rob Trzonkowski (Cody Sylvester, Tyler Coulter)
Team Black: Kenton Miller 2 (Chase Lang, Josh Thrower)
Team Black: Cody Sylvester 2 (unassisted)
Team Red: Luke Gordon (Keaton Lubin)
Team Red: Nathan Deyell (unassisted)
Team Black: Rob Trzonkowski 3 (Cody Sylvester)

Team Black: Jacob Ruissen 13/13, Gage Murray 12/16
Team Red: Kyle Michalovsky 18/21, Brandon Glover 20/25

Team Copper 8 vs. Team White 7 at 3:15pm
1st Half
Team White: Greg Chase (Matt Anholt, Spencer Humphries)
Team White: Greg Chase 2 (Matt Anholt, Logan O'Connor)
Team Copper: Scott Gall (Hayden Goderis, Marc Eremenko)
Team White: John Lawrence (Jade McMullen, Braden Oleksyn)
Team Copper: Hayden Goderis (unassisted)
Team White: Adam Helewka (Brooks Macek)
Team Copper: Victor Rask (unassisted)
Team Copper: Jimmy Bubnick (Hayden Goderis)

2nd Half
Team Copper: Tanner Jago (Brandon Bruce)
Team White: Jaiden Focht (Adam Helewka)
Team Copper: Victor Rask 2 (Jimmy Bubnick, Eli Jarvis)
Team Copper: Brandon Bruce (Marc Eremenko, Alexander Roberts)
Team White: Brady Brassart (Luke Simpson, Jade McMullen)
Team Copper: Brendan Santini (Matthew Saharchuk)
Team White: Braden Oleksyn (Greg Chase)

Team Copper: Cole Forbes 17/21, Evan Johnson 14/17
Team White: Mack Shields 8/12, Mitchell Wiebe 16/20

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